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 Financial Health For Your Business

Through Numbers Knowhow, A Streamlined Cash Flow System

If you run a business…

Keeping on top of your finances can be difficult. It takes time and you didn’t start a business to do the numbers. 

You may be:

  • Struggling to make big financial decisions because you don’t know if you’ll have enough cash in the business 
  • Or putting your savings into the business to keep going. 

You’re not alone.

ALL BUSINESS OWNERS want to avoid cash flow problems as it:

  • Leads to stress
  • Holds back your growth
  • Creates conflict
  • And stops you from making good business decisions. 

Maintaining A Healthy Cash Flow Is Vital For A Successful Business — It’s The Lifeblood Of The Business

60% of SMEs fail due to cash flow problems.

This is why you can’t ignore the numbers and need to understand your figures – so that you have the cash to run your business.

Here’s what that Mirror report had to say about small business owners:

  • There are thousands of SMEs who don’t know their bank balance
  • 1 in 6 say they’re too busy to keep up with transactions
  • 26% find financial administration gruelling
  • 25% only have a rough estimation of daily cash flow
  • 58% have no long-term plan 
  • 25% are grappling to balance growth with quality

If you recognise yourself in these statistics, you could carry on as you are, not knowing if you’re making enough money to grow. Or you can start getting to know your numbers using a simple tool that makes it all straightforward.

Cash flow is the lifeblood of your business

Without cash flow, your business will suffer. 

With a proper cash flow system you’ll get clarity on questions like:

  • Where is my cash getting spent?
  • Can I hire?
  • Can I tweak my marketing budget?
  • Can I invest?
  • Can I take some money from the business for my family and me?
  • Why is my business not growing?

Almost all of your business decisions are based on cash flow.

But what about accounting software?

Accounting software can only go so far and it doesn’t give you the right flexibility, clarity, and simulations to help you make those decisions.

You need to get the numbers right so that you don’t take on too much risk – or play it so safe that your business never grows. 

It’s Time To Know Your Figures — Through A Proper Cash Flow Management Software

Software that can tell you have much cash you have and how much you can expect in future. 

So that you can keep the right level of cash in your business and understand how to make it work for you. This will mean easier business decisions and knowing where you need to invest your money to get the best return. 

Welcome To Numbers Know How – The Best Of Both Worlds

Helping you streamline your business’s cash flow no matter what you sell.

It plugs right into your accounting software to help you automate BUT with all the flexibility and clarity of a spreadsheet, allowing you to play around with the numbers and plan effectively.

With Numbers Knowhow, you’re seconds away from making smarter, more confident, data-based decisions in your business to grow faster. 

Numbers Knowhow will help you: 

Access To Real-Time Data

With accurate and up-to-date cash flow data, you’ll make the best financial decisions for your business. 

By being well-informed, you can see what’s working, what’s not and what you can improve.

Stress-Free Business Life

Reduce your business stress when you take control of your cash flow by getting peace of mind for the future, no matter what challenges are ahead.


Better Forecasting

When you understand your business’s cash flow, you can accurately forecast company profits. 

Numbers Knowhow generates clear and simple reports for you so that you can identify investment opportunities and scale your business.


Save Time and Money

Automating your cash flow management processes saves you time. 

Track your cash flow without the need for an extra employee and see where else you can make savings. 

Getting Great Cash Flow Has Never Been Easier

Our revolutionary tool makes it easy to get a complete picture of your cost versus revenue.


You’ll have enough funds to pay your bills WHILE making profits

You can avoid late invoice payments and chasing clients

You simply need to connect all your essential data sources to our software and let the magic happen…

Numbers Knowhow will give you the numbers you need to analyse insights, share and grow your business

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