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Leave your financial worries at the door and understand what is happening in your business. Make the right decisions from day one and move forward with full force.

Take control of your cash flow…

Numbers Knowhow exists only for one purpose: to help your business thrive. By offering easy-to-follow advice and access to unbelievably easy-to-use cashflow software, we help you:

Develop the necessary business skills to keep your cash flow healthy
Improve your money mindset so that you no longer have to worry about what tomorrow will bring
Understand what your numbers are currently indicating and why they are indicating that – to better understand how much profit you’re making and how much you can potentially make
Understand today how you can improve your profit margin and make your business dreams come true
Manage your cash flow in a much more efficient way, so that you have more time to focus on other areas of work and life!

Numbers Knowhow Software

Here’s what it’s all about

Numbers Knowhow is here to help you improve your financial understanding, period.

How can we help you exactly? Through easily accessible financial planning tools, straightforward cash flow software, and up-to-the-minute financial advice which can be discovered in our exclusive instructional videos, how-tos and 1-2-1 consultations.

We’re keen on helping you improve your “money” mindset, better craft your financial story, save time in the process, and ultimately, make a lot more profit than you thought possible.

In addition, we offer tailored advice to help you develop the necessary business skills and financial acumen to progress your career, have the skills necessary to lead at a managerial level and generally help you learn more about how business, finances and accounting work – with none of the overly expensive costs involved in taking full-fledged courses or going to business school!

Currently, our professional support comes in three forms:

  • In-house or virtual courses
  • Mentoring 
  • Coaching

“I was worried and rather weary of seeing so many businesses giving up, not knowing what hit them. I thought it’s high time that someone came up with simple and straightforward cash flow software and financial planning tools to help businesses come up with a winning financial success strategy.”

–Mahmood Reza, Founder

“Numbers don’t lie” – Meet Mahmood Reza.

Accountant, Business Advisor, Educator and Mentor who has helped thousands of businesses sustain, grow and prosper.

Ever heard of numbers don’t lie? Well, let me re-affirm: they really don’t! Numbers tell you precisely what’s happening in your business at any point in time, so that you can act fast and make the necessary decisions to propel yourself forward.

HI – I’m Mahmood – An accountant, business advisor, educator and mentor who has helped countless businesses across multiple sectors thrive, grow and prosper.

My business life of over 27 years has largely comprised supporting businesses and entrepreneurs, as well as social enterprises and charities, in achieving their business goals.

After an initial career in teaching, I forayed into the hospitality sector as a divisional accountant, working in the capacity for a good 5.5 years. It was a wide and varied experience and I loved every minute of it, although multiple qualifications later, I changed tack and settled on accounting, which I loved even more! While working for firms as a professional accountant was great, I felt I had much more to offer.

February 1995 saw the launch of my own accounting business and I’ve never looked back since.

I come from a rather large family of nine brothers & sisters collectively, although we had very little money starting out. Bettering ourselves was the only way we knew of surviving. I know what it’s like to rise from an almost rock bottom position. I can totally relate to that and that’s how businesses can benefit greatly from me – I’ve been there and I can help them avoid the mistakes which can lead to a “rock bottom” situation!

Do you know what drives me though? The idea that we can always do better – that there’s always, always room for improvement. Nothing in life should be taken for granted and every precious moment you have can be utilised to better your financial position. I understand how people desire (and benefit more from) personal value, thoughts and experiences, rather than just boring old advice for a fixed hourly rate which may or may not help them get a handle on their business finances.

My clients can identify with me instantly because I use my own professional and personal experiences to relate to their situation, and then authentically produce a solution which helps them get on track, keeping their cash flow robust throughout the year as a result!