Financial Story Planning

1-2-1 Future Financial Story Plan

You’ll walk away with a complete 12-month projection to help you take back control of your future business – one session at a time.

Discover Your Financial Story

Not sure where your growth will come from or feeling disconnected from the numbers that make your business run? Are you an SME, arts or charity organisation that needs a plan to increase your footprint?

I’m here to help. With this guided coaching programme, I’ll support you to write your financial story one figure at a time.

What it is

A Financial Story is both a navigational and accountability tool. It looks at the numbers in your business; both the actual figures and the projections based on what you want to achieve, and helps you anticipate what sales targets you need to hit in order to have the business – and life – that you want. Our 1-2-1 Future Financial Story Plan helps you reach your goals with a tailored package that gives you the reassurance you need that you’ve got a firm hand on the wheel.

Want to get back in the driver’s seat? Let’s map your business finances now

What You Get

Across 5 sessions, I’ll help you understand just what goes into your financial plan, crunch the numbers for you and you’ll walk away with a complete 12-month projection in just 30 days. What could be easier? Investing in your financial story will help you take back control of your business future one session at a time.

With our inclusive plan, you’ll benefit from a series of coaching and investigatory sessions. The bundle includes:

1 x kickoff call with video resources

1 x data collection worksheet

3 x review meetings to hone your approach

1 x iron-clad annual financial plan delivered in 30 days

1 x discount coupon for our Numbers Knowhow community membership

What's the cost

Glad you asked. It’s a value-for-money investment from £1,500 + VAT, to help create your action plan to achieve your personal and business financial goals.

What People Say

I’m an illustrator. As a solopreneur, I take care of every aspect of my business but unfortunately, numbers are not my forte. Before working with Mahmood, I had a vague idea of how much revenue I wanted my business to generate and no real plan to get there. I had no idea what a ‘Financial Story’ was either. But I knew that I was plateauing and that the only way to get my business to the next level was to get a better grasp on the numbers, what they mean, what to look for, and to put a financial plan in place.

Mahmood excels at explaining things and is very patient. I have learned so much since I started working with him! Two of the things that I love most about working with Mahmood are that he is direct – he’ll tell you those hard truths that you need to hear, but in a nice way – and he is also very generous with his knowledge – you can tell that he cares and that he wants you to do well both in business and in life.

Now I feel more in control, more confident when making business decisions, and more like a business owner. I know exactly how much money the business needs to make every month, which makes it a lot easier to set goals to work towards. And although I don’t always meet my financial targets, my efforts are a lot more focused than they used to be. Having a financial plan also means that I am able to look back and compare the projections with what actually happened during any given month, and to course-correct as the year goes rather than finding out months later that I am in the red. Since working with Mahmood, I have gained a kind of clarity and knowledge about my business and my customers that I didn’t have before! Thanks a lot Mahmood!

Camille Medina, Illustrator

“Having a financial plan in place has given me the essential knowledge and strategy to navigate what continues to be a very interesting time as a hospitality business. Having a friendly and jargon free accountant to guide me through this is also a bonus!”

Lucy Do, The Dodo Micropub

How It Works

First, we’ll have a kickoff call to get an understanding of your business needs, goals and pain points.

Then, we’ll send you a series of video resources, a briefing document and a data collection worksheet. At each stage, you’ll also have some enriching ‘homework’ to do. These are often just thinking tasks to prepare you for our next session.

Next, we’ll meet three times. Each time, we’ll build more of your financial story from the framework to the what-ifs. While I will always do the heavy lifting in terms of number-crunching, the path carved for your business future is totally collaborative.

Finally, we’ll agree on all the key points before I go away and craft your comprehensive 12-month financial story plan. If you’ve bolted on the digital cloud upload, I’ll configure that system too for your easy management of these core business financials going forward.

Why It’s Different

I’m not a dry accountant or a fast-talking investment broker. I’m here to help you really understand, harness and drive your financial story forward. So, I’ll always look to:

Crunch the numbers for you to eliminate maths anxiety

Turn your financial plan around in 30 days

Support you to remove cash leaks from your business

Help you become financially confident

Fine-tune your positioning by identifying success patterns

Give you clarity over your financial direction