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Numbers Knowhow gives you the tools to unlock your financial freedom.

Write your financial success history as you want it.

For one unbeatable monthly or annual price, you get to control your finances from the driver’s seat. Here’s how our online financial tool has helped countless businesses and households across the UK and beyond:

Develop your business, accounting, finance and budgeting skills to better manage cash coming into and going out of your business.
Understand the best way to plan costs, income, profits and results the right way from day one. No more nasty surprises at the end of the month. Make your money work for you.
Make your business or personal financial dream come true.
Did we mention putting you back in the driver’s seat?
Improve you overall money mindset – know what it takes to keep your cash flow healthy.
No more negotiating prices with an expensive accountant or financial expert – all the necessary tools are right here at your fingertips.
Manage your daily, monthly and annual cash flow way, way better.
Build your financials confidently year in and year out, with none of that stress, anxiety or fear of the unknown.
Always know how much profit you’re making and where you can cut your losses – no more uncertainty around your financial success.
Identify areas where you’re spending too much money and where you can make more money.
Build your ‘financial story’ for a bright and prosperous future.
Quickly find out where cash is leaking in your business or personal budget; have the right tools at your disposal to fix it. That’s it.