Draw up a risk register to log and assess the risks that could negatively impact your chances of success

  • Keep it updated
  • Constantly evaluate the risk outcomes

Factors to consider

Factors to consider in this risk register are:

  • What risks have I identified?
  • What is causing the risk?
  • What is the chance this risk will affect my plans or my business (why note assess the chance on a scale from 1-10)? 
  • How severe would the impact be on my plans or business (e.g. very little, some, a lot but we can survive, disastrous)?
  • What can I do now or in the future to limit the effect of this risk?
  • Can I accept and manage any remaining risks after I take this action?
  • If not, do I need to get support or advice on how to change my plan or business model?

Support and Advice

Deciding to start your own business can be a lonely and daunting task.  

Millions do it and so can you.  

To make this task easier there will be a number of sources of support and advice already around you Alternatively, make new ones that you can tap into (often completely free of charge).

  • Millions do it and so can you.
  • Make use of the sources of support and advice within the NKH Community and around you
  • Make new connections that you can tap into

We are here to help you!

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