Benefits of Goal Setting

Setting your goals

There are several ways in which goal setting is understood to benefit people:

  • It helps us to focus our attention on the things that we want rather than the things that we don’t want.  
    • Where are you heading to – not from?
  • It helps us to develop strategies and plans for achieving goals.  
  • It helps us to mobilise our effort and resources in proportion to the demands of our goal.
  • It helps us to prolong our effort over time and enhances motivation.  
  • It helps instil confidence.
  • It assists in monitoring progress and achievement.
  • It helps us to achieve more in a shorter period of time

Clear Goals

Do you have clearly & precisely defined goals?
Do they have empowering beliefs supported by a good self-image?
Do you have a positive attitude supported by sound expectations of success? 
Do you take quality & quantity actions consistently?
  • In a logical order & sequence?
  • Do they get good results?  

It's about Balance

This model represents the balance of logic and emotional motivation that you can use to your advantage, or they can undermine it.

Irrespective of whether the motivation is pain or pleasure (hopefully more of pleasure): The motivation must drive you towards your ultimate goal.

The logic-emotion balance

The logic vs emotion balance

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