Lifestyle Implications of being your own boss

the move to becoming your own boss

When considering the move to becoming your own boss, you also need to consider how this lifestyle will be different to that of being an employee of someone else:

  • There will be no one setting your work hours for you or telling you when to have lunch.  
  • You may well not have an office or premises to go to on a daily basis; maybe you will be home based to start with.
  • You may well no longer have work colleagues in the traditional sense.
  • Your work schedule will be driven by other factors which will impact on when, how and with who you work.

What is vital that you can define a work routine and working practices that will support you achieving your goals. 

You will need to invent your professional working life to support you ambitions and maximise the impact you have for every hour you invest in this goal.

some considerations

Here are some considerations of what you may need to do to manage your working time and social time appropriately:

  • Have two computer logins on your PC or laptop - one for business, one for social E.g. Facebook on the social login only.
  • Have two email addresses – one for business and one for social. Have separate calendars and contact lists.  
  • Have two mobile numbers– one for business and one for social (business calls may be tax deductible?)
  • Force yourself to work office hours – set yourself a start time and end time for every day (for as many days as you need to work) and schedule your breaks (or arrange network meetings at breaks or lunch).  
  • Project manage your work i.e. plan out what needs doing how and when and schedule your time to achieve this.
  • Make a separate office space in the house to work in or consider hiring or sharing space with others.  
    • This will give you focus and prevent unnecessary distractions for all or part of the day.
    • You can rent office space for work or meetings
    • You can even have virtual office space as your registered business address.
    • Schedule social meetings to make sure you keep yourself fresh and revitalised.

personal contract of employment
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