How ready are you to become your own boss?

The Skill-Will model below is used by business coaches to determine someone’s readiness to manage their work without supervision.  

As part of being your own boss you will need to:

  • Manage yourself most of the time,
  • Become your own coach

The Skill-Will Matrix

This matrix is another way to assess how ready you are to be your own boss

Having conducted the analysis in previous tasks you can now reflect on:

  •  Your capabilities,
  • Your strengths
  • Your gaps in capability and
  • Your attitude/motivation.


Now complete the grid below for yourself.
  1. The skill (x) axis represents how good you feel your knowledge and skills are compared to how they need to be now.
  2. The Will (y) axis represents your attitude and motivations to be your own boss.

💡Score yourself Now and then again in a month's time

Be as honest with yourself as possible.

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