Describe the main risks of self-employment

As with any change in life there are risks associated with moving into self-employment.  You must consider these risks as part of your route to self-employment; not to put you off, but to ensure you are clear of:

  • The opportunities this offers, 
  • The challenges and
  • Actions you can take to minimise risks and maximise your opportunities before you start.

Self-employed is different to being employed

Being self-employed is fundamentally different to being employed.


work life balance

When you become your own boss, you will find that the distinction between work time and personal time becomes blurred. 

impact on personal life

Your business decisions will have an impact on your personal life and you will, in effect, be on call 24hrs a day if something occurs that will impact on your business.  

Huge benefits
  • No daily commute
  • Taking credit for your successes
  • Reaping the financial rewards of success

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