Professional Development Sheets

Action plan sheet 1

Professional Development Planning Sheets are a tool which requires individuals to review their own:

- Knowledge, 

- Skills

- Abilities

with the aim of identifying which gaps they have to achieve their ambitions.  

It forces you to ask questions that are not normally considered or addressed

This will help focus your attention on what needs doing when and why as you prepare to become your own boss.

Here are some of the types of questions which can be considered:

Here are some of the types of questions which can be considered:

  • What are you good at?
  • What have you gained?
  • Where are you confident?
  • Where are you vulnerable?
  • What else do you need to do or learn?
  • How will you now use what you have learned, gained or done in future?
  • What might undermine this learning?
  • What support is required to make sure your plans happen?
  • What will things look, sound and be like in the future when you are successful?    

Action Plan Sheet 2

Another device for Development Planning can be a sheet to be completed by you that answers the following questions:

  • What is it that I want to achive?
  • What am I willing to change?  
  • How will I achieve it?  
  • What will be the first steps?
  • Who is going to review my progress?
What support do I have? 
  • Who or what is going to help me?
What further support do I need? 
  • Who do I need to influence or talk to.
What problems can I see?
  • How might I sabotage this?
How Will I Celebrate My Success?


Consider what you have learned and achieved so far and complete your professional learning plan in one of the two examples given below:

Example 1

Professional Development - Action Plan 1

Example 2

Professional Development - Action Plan 1

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